Difference between conjunction and chord

The difference between conjunction and chord is not very clear at first. The two words look different and are used differently. They are not synonyms either. So, what is the difference between conjunction and chord?

Main Differences-Contrast with Division

Try to Understand:

Assonance and Alliteration are two literary devices that writers use to add rhyming effects to their work. The main difference between Alliteration and Assonance is that chords are vowels that repeat in succession. While alliteration the repetition of the first consonant of a word near .

What is Assonance?

What is Assonance?

Homophones are literary devices in which the same vowel is repeated more than once in a phrase or nearby words in a sentence. Rhyming is mainly used in poetry to add rhyming effects not only in poetry but also in lines. This is also called the vowel rhythm . Harmony can change the mood of poetry. Long vowels reduce the energy of the poem at that point and make you feel serious, while high vowels make you feel brighter.

“Tr up to l I FG me “

“Square EA Ky wh yeah L gets GR EA se”

“It’s  t and m  n  ton  “

“St. e metric e nd and flower e nd,

And e very Florida e Russian ck et t is obvious. “

(“After Apple-Picking” by Robert Frost)

What is Alliteration?

What is Alliteration

Repetition is the repetition of the same consonant at the beginning of a nearby word or at the emphasized syllable of the phrase. Character repetition is a special case of harmony ; vowel repetition. This technique is common in twisting the tongue.

“Peter Piper chose pickled peppers …”

“Betty Botter bought butter, but she said, this butter is bitter. If I put it in a batter, it would hurt my batter …”

Many poets used alliteration to give their poems rhythm, flow, and beauty. Alliteration creates more interesting and engaging texts, whether prose or poetry. The following is an excerpt to show the use of repetition in literature.

“I stopped and stopped the sound of my feet.”

“Fair b Leeds b Lou, White Ohm Florida Uh, f growl f Allowed f Lee. W e w The first thing that bursts so far is quiet yeah .”

 (The Dawn of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

While I was pondering, at midnight miserable times, w oak and weary ,

・ ・ I’m n odd, n early n hurry tap came

.. And that Ilken, an ad , making an uncertain ticking of each purple curtain .. ”

(Raven at Edgar Allan Poe)

“From the deadly bitches of two enemies.
A pair of Starcross enthusiasts will live their lives.”

(Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare)

Differences between chords and phonology


It is the continuous repetition of synonymous vowels.

Alliteration is a repetition of consonants that start near a word.


Add a rhyming effect in the assonance line

Makes alliteration more interesting and attractive.

how to use

It is more commonly used than assonance .

It is used in both alliteration and poetry, but it is also often used in tongue-speaking.

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