The difference between lavender and lilac

The difference between lavender and lilac is that lavender is part of the mint family Lamiaceae, while lilac belongs to the olive family Oleaceae. These two oils are known for their calming, relaxing, and floral properties that are used in aromatic, medicinal, and culinary applications.

Lavender and lilac are two of the most commonly cultivated members of the best-loved genus known as “the old garden roses”. The difference between the two is that lilac flowers are more purple and lavender is more blue. They are actually more different than that, but let’s start with what they have in common.
These two beautiful shrubs are originally from Europe and the family of Rosaceae.

The main difference – lavender vs lilac

Try to understand difference between:

The main difference between lavender and lilac (color) is that lavender is a pale purple with a bluish tint. While lilac is a pale purple with a pinkish tint.

Lavender and lilac come in two shades, purple and purple. They are very similar to each other and many people often confuse these two shades. These two terms also refer to the flower of the same name. In fact, both these shades are named after the color of the flower. In this article, we will talk about the difference between lavender and lilac from two perspectives: flowers and colors.



Lavender belongs to the mint family, Lamiaceae. It can be found in Africa, Europe, and Asia. The flowers are made in the bushes, clinging to the raised panicles on the leaves. In some species of lavender, the spikes are branched. The flowers may be blue, purple or light purple of wild species. A blackish purple or yellowish tint may occasionally be noticed. The flower wreath is tubular, and one flower usually has five leaves.


Lavender is a pale purple shade with a bluish tint. This shade comes in many different variations, such as pale lavender, lavender blue, and lavender pink. Lavender color is considered feminine, graceful and elegant, and has long been associated with wealthy and prominent women. Lavender represents beauty and femininity and is considered the “pink of adults”.

lavender color



Lilac is the flower of a flowering woody plant called F The Iringa olive family (oleacea) inhabits forests from southeastern Europe to East Asia, and is cultivated in temperate regions elsewhere.

Flowers are produced in the spring. Each flower is 5-10 mm in diameter with a four-leaf corolla. The color of the usual flowers is a shade of purple (often pale purple or light purple), but there are also colors such as white, pink, pale yellow and even a dark burgundy color. Flowers grow in large panicles, a strong aroma is observed in many varieties. Flowering varies from early spring to early summer depending on the species.


Lilac is a pale muted violet color, with a slight pinkish tint. There are variations in this shade, such as pale lilac, deep lilac and French lilac. Pale lilac was also considered to be the color worn in the last stages of mourning in England and Europe. Lilac shade is associated with qualities such as immaturity, superficiality, youthfulness, vanity, and extrovert.


The difference between lavender and lilac


Lavender is a bluish-pale purple.

Lilac is a pale purple with a pinkish tint.


Lavender is associated with qualities like femininity, elegance and elegance.

Lilac is associated with qualities like immaturity, vanity, youth, etc.


Lavender flowers grow in a spiral shape, held on spikes that rise above the leaves.

Lilac flowers grow in large panicles.


Lavender has a strong scent, and this scent resembles a rose with vanilla marks.

Lilac has a distinctive, clean and fresh aroma.

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